"Baby Cubbies", Memorial gift, a plush keepsake in remembrance of your "Angel Baby"

Sadly, I have created quite a few Memorial Cubbies in the past few years. The Moms or friends contacted me to create a Cubby for them to represent their "Angel Baby". A Cubby is a 16" soft, plush animal with a removable stuffing pillow. You would be able to store a lock of hair or other memorabilia in the tummy, if you wish to. I received permission from Oliver's Mom to share a picture of her son's Cubby.

There are a few "Cubbies" to choose from, see pictures, including a monkey, owls, penguins, lions, a gray elephant and the lamb, etc. The embroidery will be on the tummy of the "Cubby".

"Dumble", the pink or blue elephants, do not have removable stuffing, so the embroidery will be on their ears. Great for monograms or half of the "birth square" on each ear. They are 12" big.

If you would like to have a "birth square" embroidered on the "Cubby", please add the info under comments on the order form or contact me with your choice of "Cubby", the baby's name, date of birth, birth weight, time of birth and length. You can choose up to 3 thread colors or go with my choices and there are also other fonts available. If you have one in mind, let me know, and I can usually create an embroidery of it. I will send you a proof after I have created the design, so you can approve it before I embroider it. It will be embroidered on a professional embroidery machine. As a special touch, if the "Cubby" is a gift, I will wrap it in cellophane with ribbons and include a note stating who it is from.

My prices stay reasonable because it will take up to 3 weeks to ship your custom order. I will do my best to make sure it is created and shipped in a timely manner. If you need to receive it faster, I have a "Rush Order" option that you can add to your order. It will then be shipped in 2 or 3 business days.

I will ship to APO addresses via USPS First Class. If you would like it to be shipped by Priority Mail, please contact me and I will create a Priority Mail listing.

Colorado purchasers will need to pay sales tax......thanks

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